Rooftop Heating & Air Conditioning

Trane manufacture rooftop units and systems in various configurations providing single or multi-zone heating, cooling, air-conditioning, and ventilation. Which are unitary systems? Dedicated digital controls enable the use of building management systems to allow for efficient operation and system monitoring to ensure performance to design. You want a light-commercial rooftop unit that delivers exceptional reliability and easy installation, very competitive in price and ships quickly. You get that and more with Trane Foundation — part of the Trane unitary portfolio.

A Foundation light-commercial rooftop unit delivers:

Simple design, proven performance – Trane have simply designed and solidly built with durable key components that have been tested in the field.

Easy installation – Designed with replacement applications in mind, eliminating adapter curbs in many applications.

Fast shipping – Trane actively manages the manufacturing and inventory of Foundation rooftop units to ensure models are always ready to ship — often the same day an order is placed.

Whether you would like to replace, repair or even maintain your rooftop unit or multiple units so please contact us.  For a free quote call at 4165805042 or email at


Trane Foundation Light Commercial Model